Scene 1

Scene 2

  • Samantha can be seen as other people in I Caught And Trapped A REAL Fairy! and Her doll came to life and FORCED her to BURN her house
  • The pot of food is a pot of soup.
  • A skunk came and almost sprayed Samantha, and she could not wash off the dirt. The scene where a skunk sprayed her is not seen.

Scene 3

  • "Jackpot! I found it!" was from SheepIsCool Finds His Account, from SheepIsCool.
  • Samantha needs to get rid of the evidence, another reference to SheepIsCool Finds His Account.

Scene 4

  • TBC


  • The hotdog stand part is like in Adopt Me.
  • Here is what is not right in the video:
  1. The house has no door, which is similar to the door frames from WTB
  2. What is again in WTB is that there is rain, while in Adopt Me, there is no weather change until an update
  3. Another thing is that Adopt Me has some street lights.
  4. The background is not from Adopt Me or WTB
  5. Adopt Me does not have placeable food, and the food is in your inventory.
  6. The video is made with Roblox Studio
  7. Chloe is just a model,alongside Samantha, The mother, The homes, The boy from BBM, the baseplate, and the rain clouds.
  8. There is no UI, in AM, there is an UI.
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